Navagraha Shanthi or Parikaras

The planets which are inimical to an individual will give bad results during their Main Dasas (periods) or Antharas (sub-periods) or during their transits (Gochara). The aspects of life which generally receive such bad effects will be
(1) those for which they are Karakas (governed by the planets),
(2) the aspects represented by the Bhavas which are owned by the planets, and
(3) those represented by the Rasis (signs) which are resided in or aspected by them.
The planets also cause miseries or problems according to their Gochara (movements ) results. Depending on which specific aspects of life are affected, one has to do Shanthis or Parikaras (propitiatory actions to counter the ill effects) for the particular planet(s) and its/their Lords.(Gods); this way of direct appeal to the concerned planets and their Lords will give quick and timely results.

Indian Astrology associates the following planets with the gods/goddesses as follows:
Sun: Lord Siva 
Moon: Goddess Parvathi 
Mars: Lord Karthikeya (Subramanya) 
Mercury: MahaVishnu 
Jupiter: Lord Dakshinamurthi 
Venus: Mahalakshmi 
Saturn: Lord Yama 
Rahu: Goddess Durga 
Kethu: Lord Ganesa or Indra 


aadityahR^idayaM  (Ramayanam; in Devanagari; a conversation between Agastya and Rama)
suuryama.nDalaashhTakaM (In Devanagari; also includes Gayatri Mantram)
shlokas and mantras for suuryanamaskaara (In Devanagari)
varaahamihira's bR^ihat.hsa.nhitaa (In ITRANS)

For the nine planets:

For each planet: Navagraha-stotra of Sri Vaadiraaja Tiirtha

Muttusvami Dikshitar's krtis on the Nine Planets

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